NINDS: A look back at 2014

Over the past year, we at NINDS have celebrated many great successes in neuroscience. We awarded the first wave of grants for The BRAIN InitiativeSM to over 100 investigators, and new funding opportunities to fulfill the cross-disciplinary goals of BRAIN have been issued with more to come in 2015. The Nobel Assembly presented the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to neuroscientists for their discoveries of the neurons responsible for processing the brain’s positioning system. Perhaps most exciting of all, in 2014 NINDS-sponsored investigators published over 7,500 peer-reviewed scientific articles ranging from studies that push the boundaries of fundamental knowledge of the nervous system to translational studies that apply basic research concepts to studies that advance clinical diagnostics and treatments to reduce the burden of neurological disease.

Truly, 2014 yielded many exciting moments for neuroscience and we could never summarize them all in a single blog post. What follows are a handful of examples of the stellar research being conducted by NINDS-funded investigators working here on the NIH campus or in universities and research institutions across the country and world. We encourage you to learn more about the amazing discoveries uncovered by NINDS scientists in 2014 by visiting our news pages, reviewing messages and blog posts from the NINDS Director, and exploring the details of our myriad research programs.

Click an image below to access a slide show of NINDS-funded research discoveries in 2014.


  1. Images tell us the successful story of NINDS over the past year. Congratulations. I would like to thank those who are doing better silently for NINDS and bringing the successful story in neuroscience and so on to us.

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